The Story Behind a New Kind of Protein Powder

The history of Instapro is a very recent one that started as an effort to make a little girl grow healthy. Helping her has since turned into a mission to develop an all-natural protein powder for kids of all ages!

The Inspiration

In 2014 Adam and his wife were busy raising their children. One of their daughters, who was four at the time, was a pretty typical four year; she loved her toys and friends, her family, macaroni & cheese and pizza. She a few other foods she liked, but was an overall very picky and demanding toddler. At their annual pediatric physical they were informed that she was falling behind on the growth charts, and that she needed to have a boost of daily protein to help foster better development.

Following this doctor’s visit, Adam encouraged his daughter to try many different nutrition shakes for children. She refused to have any of the shakes since she didn’t like the taste. His next plan involved “stealth health” where he secretly added tiny bits of chicken or tuna to her foods in the hopes she wouldn’t figure out. But anyone with picky toddlers knows all too well that she knew right away her mac and cheese had something foreign. Adam was determined and set out with a new idea to pack protein into her everyday foods at home.

Developing an all new protein powder

As the owner of a well-known protein manufacturing company, Adam decided to develop a product that would meet his daughter’s needs as well as the needs of others. In his research he found that his daughter was not alone in reaching her daily protein intake, it was many school-age children around the country. So he set his team of food & research scientists to task to develop and all-natural protein powder that can dissolve and mix into a wide range of foods without altering the taste or texture. After more than 50 iterations and hundreds of typical children’s foods tested, the right protein powder was finally developed: InstaPro – an all-natural protein powder that instantly dissolves into a wide range of foods.

Today, Instapro is changing the way parents prepare their kid’s foods. It’s taking the power of nutrition and placing it into their hands. Parents have the flexibility and freedom to add Instapro to so many of the foods that their children already eat: pizza, macaroni & cheese, pasta dishes, applesauce, yogurt and so much more. Instapro was created to dissolve easily in foods while minimizing impact on the flavor, and children all over are loving it!

Where does Instapro go from here?

That’s up to our customers. Share the word! If you know a parent in the same situation that Adam found himself in, then suggest Instapro to them. That extra protein in one meal a day might be just what their child needs for healthy growth.

Our promise

Our promise is to help parents take their children’s nutrition into their own hands. No more arguing or negotiating with your children over what to eat – simply mix Instapro into their favorite foods and now everyone gets to enjoy mealtime!


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Behind the Science


“You can add Instapro to any family member’s meal to boost the protein content. The instant properties of Instapro make it easy to add to any type of product.”


Food Scientist & Member of Instapro Development Team


“It’s great to add extra protein in a fun and easy manner. Ultimately, everyone could use just a little more protein. Especially in a world driven by carbohydrates and fat.”


Research Scientist

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