Stir fry! This vegetarian version of a classic stir fry can be made at home with just a little prep. Load it up with the vegetables of your choosing, and add Instapro to make this veggie stir fry a good source of protein as well!


You can add any veggies you want. Add your favorites! Or mix it up and try something new.
•1 cup bell pepper, diced
•1 cup white onion, diced
•1 cup chopped carrots
•1 cup petite brocolli
•2 eggs
•Olive oil
•2 cups white or brown rice

Cooking Directions

1. Cut up the vegetables first so they’re all ready to add before you start.

2. While you begin with the vegetables, make the rice according to package directions.

3. Coat the bottom of a wok with the oil and heat over medium(if you don’t have a wok, a large frying pan will work just as well)

4. Once the oil is heated up, add the veggies. Start with the solid ones first, like carrots, then move to soft veggies like mushrooms once the carrots have had time to soften.

5. Cook for a few minutes until the vegetables start to brown, then transfer them to a bowl.

6. Tear open a packet of Instapro protein powder and pour into the bowl of vegetables. Stir the powder and veggies around with a fork until the powder is dissolved.
*Each packet of Instapro has 7 grams of protein and 45 calories, so add as many individual packets as you think are necessary. A good rule is to add one packet for each serving – if your stir fry is for 4 people then add 4 packets of Instapro.

7. Scoop the protein-fortified vegetables over prepared rice and serve.


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